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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Kast O Tlatsa Lebala

Believe it or not, Francistown born and bred Kast is a man on a mission to Tlatsa Lebala (Fill the stadium).

Critics and doubting ‘Thomases’ have already cast doubt on the idea saying its far fetched, but Kast is convinced that if South African motswako artist, Casper Nyovest could Fill Up the Dome, then so can he.

The Dibantuka hit maker has launched the #Tlatsa Lebala campaign, which is basically a show headlined by Kast featuring a 100% local lineup on 14 May 2016, at the National Stadium.
Tickets for the show are already available with limited ones at only P100. Concerning the actual show, Kast said, “the idea is for all the artists performing to be wearing 100% local designers’ The stage will also be designed by locals, basically most if not all props that go with the show will be local.

In this way musicians won’t be the only ones given a platform but the arts as a whole.” So for those who are still in denial, according to the determined Kast it’s most certainly happening and the lineup will be revealed shortly before the event, as Kast promises to pull off a great show for the people of Botswana to be proud of.

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